by Xiivler

Determines the time between two points in a video in frames and in milliseconds.

Supports YouTube videos, Twitch VODs, Twitter videos, Google Drive videos, URLs that lead directly to a video file (ex. Discord attachments), and uploaded files.

Also supports Twitch clips if you install the Twitch Clip Timer Chrome extension or Firefox add-on.


Video Framerate

Start Frame

End Frame

Segment Time

Keyboard Shortcuts

, . Advance forward/backward 1 frame

shift + , . Advance forward/backward 5 frame

Advance forward/backward 1 second

shift + Advance forward/backward 5 seconds

Known Issues

In Chrome, for some time when you first use the site, some Twitter clips may not load properly. Please be patient and keep reloading, as after some time the clips should load normally. Twitter clips behave much more reliably in Firefox.

To time a Google Drive video larger than 100 MB, you must enable anyone with the link to view.

Keyboard Shortcuts

, . Advance forward/backward 1 frame by the video's actual framerate

Advance forward/backward 5 seconds

Inaccuracies in Timing

Twitch stores its videos in shorter segments and stitches them together to form the video you see playing. As a result of this, any timing on Twitch can be up to 2 frames faster or slower than VidTimer displays (±0.033 seconds in 60 FPS). Still, the timer might be sufficient for your use. For example, if you are timing to the second in 60 FPS, this timer is sufficient for all videos in which the number of frames are not 58, 59, 00, 01, or 02, so you can use it 11/12 of the time.

Removing the Pause Overlay

For the best timing experience, it is recommended that you use an ad blocker to remove some elements from the Twitch player embed, namely the large play button that appears when you pause. A simple way to do this is to download uBlock Origin or Adblock Plus. For uBlock Origin, navigate to the My filters page of the settings, copy and paste the filters listed below, and click Apply changes. For Adblock Plus, open the Advanced tab of the settings, and copy and paste the filters listed below into the My Filter List text box. > .tw-svg.eHOmkT.ScFigure-sc-1j5mt50-0 > .kMNUwy.ScSvg-sc-1j5mt50-1 path